Mittwoch, 31. Januar 2018

► No other girl got the guts to admit they're faking , She´s a Gun


Body:  Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara
Shape : Selfmade [ Not For Sale ]
Head : CATWA HEAD Catya V2.10
Skin : --- PUMEC - #7  - May - CATWA SKIN App. [was fromChapter Four Dec.] 
Teeth : CATWA TEETH Catya
Hair : DOUX - Dreem hairstyle [FATPACK] 


Bodysuit : {le fil casse} Chanelle Teddy Bodysuit @ Blush
Boots : Pure Poison - Mariposa Boots @ Kustom9 


Pommel : Fapple- The Rodion BDSM Pommel RARE @ Pocket Gacha January 
Chair : Fapple- Rodion Spanking Chair RARE @ Pocket Gacha January 
Rug : Fapple- Rubber Carpet @ Pocket Gacha January 
My Rules Letters : Fapple- Letter Cubes MY RULES @ Pocket Gacha January 
Safe Word Letters : Fapple- Letter Cubes SAFE WORD @ Pocket Gacha January 
Book : Fapple- Crime and Punishment Book @ Pocket Gacha January 
Mask : Fapple- The Rodion Mask @ Pocket Gacha January 
Silky Lube : Fapple- Silky Lube and Tissue @ Pocket Gacha January 
Cage : Fapple- The Rodion Cage RARE @ Pocket Gacha January 
Lamp : Fapple- Rodion Lamp @ Pocket Gacha January 
Table : Fapple- Rodion Wall Table @ Pocket Gacha January 
Spank Board : Fapple- The Spanking Guide @ Pocket Gacha January 
Picture : Fapple- The murder of Alyona Ivanovna @ Pocket Gacha January 
Stateure : Fapple- The dream of the mare @ Pocket Gacha January 
Fapple- Pillory Drawers RARE @ Pocket Gacha January 
Dirty Rack : Fapple- Rodion Punishment Rack @ Pocket Gacha January 
Single Letters :
Fapple- Letter Cube YZ!?@ @ Pocket Gacha January 
Fapple- Letter Cube BDSM Pictures @ Pocket Gacha January 
Fapple- Letter Cube ABCDEF @ Pocket Gacha January 
Fapple- Letter Cube GHIJKL @ Pocket Gacha January 
Fapple- Letter Cube MNOPQR @ Pocket Gacha January 
Fapple- Letter Cube STUVWX @ Pocket Gacha January 

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